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Whether you're a doctor, plumber, mechanic, or a restaurateur, your business carries risk on a daily basis. Risk can come from anywhere: employees, Mother Nature, criminals, customers, and even your property itself. Are you properly protected?


Koenig Agency Inc will scour our top providers to create a personalized coverage plan that protects your business against your industry-specific and unique risks - as well as all those universal risks that can come from anywhere.

Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

No coverage could cost you

Litigation. It's a word that can cost thousands of dollars and crush growth. Today, now more than ever before, your commercial operation needs protection against litigation and liability.


Koenig agents will provide you with package options that include commercial property insurance, liability coverage, Workers' compensation coverage, insurance for your commercial vehicles, equipment, and other coverage that you may require.

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Business insurance for all industries

  • Contractors

  • Retail stores

  • Restaurants

  • Sole proprieters

  • Apartments

  • Office buildings

  • Bonds

  • Workers Comp

  • Disability

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